ArtStar Season 1

Posted on: Thursday, June 1st, 2006
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ARTSTAR is a GALLERY HD original series that follows eight artists ranging in age from 21 to 67 as they vie to impress Jeffrey Deitch, a gallerist known world-wide for his ability to spot up-and-coming talent. The ARTSTAR finalists, selected from an open call that attracted over 400 hopefuls, include a video artist, a photographer, an FIT undergraduate student, a retired social worker-turned-sculptor, an animator, a performance/Internet artist, an action stylist/puppeteer, and a painter. Over the course of the show, they will meet established artists and critics including Jeff Koons, Ryan McGuinness, Jon Kessler, Kehinde Wiley, and Barbara Pollack, and work on a series of collaborative projects. The goal at the outset of the program is to identify an artist for a solo show at Deitch’s trend-setting SoHo gallery. But, as the series unfolds, the realities of the art world subvert the “rules” of television and reveal surprising stories about creativity and growth.

During June 2006, episodes of ARTSTAR was on view at the Museum of the Moving Image in T.V. Lounge (1988), an installation by artist Jim Iserman that is part of the core exhibition Behind the Screen. The Museum has been featuring programming from VOOM HD Networks in T.V. Lounge since August 2005.

Aboriginal Entertainment is a full service production company which develops and produces programming for cable, broadcast and film. Founded in 2002 by Abby Terkuhle, former President of MTV Animation and Executive Producer of such hits as Aeon Flux, Beavis and Butt-Head, Daria and Celebrity Deathmatch, Aboriginal is committed to the creation of breakout entertainment in a variety of media platforms.

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