Greening Gossip Girl ‘Tales from the Upper East Side’ Second Life Machinisodes

Posted on: Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
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Here’s a screen cap and video clip of the dry cleaners store location in the Gossip Girl Second Life sim being used to shoot “machinisodes” for the series of short videos Tales from the Upper East Side. The store front pictured is a real-life business on Manhattan’s UES called Green Apple Cleaners which uses CO2 dry-cleaning and other eco techniques to keep it clean when it comes to clothes while keeping the environment intact to the best of their abilities (watch a video on Green Apple’s CO2 dry-cleaning that BigCityPix did for Sundance Channel here)

The idea came about when series producer Al Reitz and I were out to lunch at Café Sabarsky.  Hey, it wasn’t so much the Austrian art or the UES tie-in to the show, but rather we’re both ex-pats from Chicago and require from time to time our dose of beer and brats). Over geeky-creative chit-chat, Al mentioned that he had to oversee the building of a virtual dry-cleaner set in Second Life as the script called for one. I suggested greening it up and sent him a few photos of the UES shop. Making this splicelicious leap to combine an existing creative need with some earnest advocacy for more environmentally friendly ways of living our human lives is what I call susty. All the more so because it’s up to us to seize every available opportunity to redesign our man-made systems which aren’t capable of re-purposing molecules, materials and waste into ecosystem cycles — and Second Life is a veritable Etch-A-Sketch for such a re-imagining. I know, I know: it’s just a show. It’s just a teen show no less. However along the way, it’s our work and it by turns reaches young people. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Says Al:

While 3D avatars don’t often need such services, it’s nice to know that if the digital residents of the UES did, they would have CO2 as an option. Hope David enjoys this little nod to Green Apple. I appreciate their lending of the name to add a little authenticity and inspire the design.

This set will exist within the Gossip Girl sim in Second Life for the next couple of days while we make sure we’ve got all the shots we need for that scene. It won’t be there permanently because like all real life sets it’s a bit of smoke and mirrors, especially with the interior. But there are some great interior and exterior moving shots they knocked out today… If you have an SL account you can cruise in anytime this weekend to have a look. It’s a free download and runs pretty respectfully on mac pros.

It’s not on the official map but if you hit the link following link on a computer that has second life installed you’ll teleport right to it within the gossip girl sim.

Gossip Girl in Second Life promo video


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