Stephen Colbert Rant on Miracle Whip’s Ad Campaign ‘Don’t Be So Mayo’ (Video)

Posted on: Thursday, October 15th, 2009
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The Mayo-lution Will Not Be Televised
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The Mayo-lution Will Not Be Televised

Stephen Colbert seizes on sandwich spread Miracle Whip for its refusal to tone it down. By extension, Colbert takes our agency client McGarryBowen to task for its line “Don’t Be So Mayo” saying “As American’s, we hold near and dear to our hearts — because that’s where it tends to clot.” We did some work for Kraft’s Miracle Whip last summer, and being familiar with the creative, really found it hilarious when the Colbert show launched into an extended, full-up parody spot. The Mayo-lution Will Not Be Televised parody commercial is replete with sandwich-spread-slurping-hipsters, faux partying and containers converted into bongs.

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